Prospect Vodka

Premium vodka for everyone.  That’s the goal .  We started by distilling our 100% corn vodka 10 times, finished on a pot still.  Then we filtered it 10 times.  It took a bit of time, but we think you’ll enjoy this traditional American Vodka that we make right in our distillery in Mount Prospect.

Prospect Gin

Our take on a prohibition wet gin.  We made this with only the classic blend of botanicals to create this gin that is perfect for classic cocktails and new twists on timeless classics.  We encourage you to experiment with it and enjoy the full flavors and forward notes of corriander and smooth angelic root.

Holiday Old Fashioned

In the fall of 2020 Jesse over diluted 400 gallons of whiskey making it unfit for bottling, so we made old fashioneds.  After a few weeks we stubled upon this holiday favorite.  American whiskey hand picked by our Master Distiller Matt, a blend of bitters and grenadine, then finished with a touch of hone.  Ready to drink on the rocks whenever you are.

Prospect Reserve

We started with a hand selected 7 year Kentucky whiskey that aged un used bourbon casts.  To accent the spirit we finished it in California Red Wine barrels for over a year.  Crafted from French Oak, these barrels add exquisitely rich notes of vanilla cocoa, and dark chocolate-orange.  Also available in barrel proof.